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Blue Panda PR’s media consultancy

PR is more than just sending out press releases. It’s about understanding the message you want to convey and delivering those messages in a way that journalists will want to use.

At Blue Panda PR, it’s our job to help you do just that – we believe media consultancy is key to producing a plan and drill down to the facts of the matter.

We will meet with you, talk through your marketing objectives and decide how best to generate a story that will grab the media’s attention.

Our background as journalists and news editors means the campaigns and press releases we put together for you are top of a journalist’s to do list rather than consigned to the bottom of a recycling bin.

If all the PR ingredients are mixed together correctly, you can save money spent on advertising and can also create a specific, signature brand image that is at the forefront of people’s minds – and more customers will mean greater profit and a higher profile.

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