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Love is on the Air

One of Blue Panda’s greatest success stories to date is the creation of an internet radio station called, currently listened to in every country in the world.  With 196 countries tuning in, is a 24 hour, 7 days a week, streaming internet radio station that specialises in playing classic songs from every decade from the 1960s through to the current decade.

With a vast variety of genres and artists and the top listening countries being the UK, USA, Germany and Australia, Lovesongs247 is one of the most popular radio stations on air.

Utilising the skills of presenters Graham Dene and Mick Brown who between them have many years’ experience in hosting commercial radio stations in the UK such as Capital and Smooth, Blue Panda has created a unique and customised online radio station that can be adapted for any business.

So if an online radio station is what you are looking for to help promote your business then have a listen to Lovesongs247 and get in touch.